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"Joyous Celebration" during 9/11 World Trade Center Attack

"...five (5) Israeli nationals, detained in conjunction with the TWINBOMB investigation, had videotaped the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and may have possessed foreknowledge of the same..."


On September 11, 2001 five employees of a moving van company called "Urban Moving Systems" were apprehended hours after the twin towers were struck. An eyewitness saw them celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center from the window of her apartment building.They emerged from a white van, jumped up and down, and high-fived each other with apparent glee. The eyewitness observed them in New Jersey overlooking the Hudson River with an unobstructed view of the burning towers. The eyewitness contacted the police. What follows are FBI reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act regarding their detention, questioning and apparent deception during polygraphs about affiliation with Israeli intelligence agencies.

FBI File


FOIA Release Letter January 16, 2013 release of 183 pages from a 215 page file. Withholdings under the National Security Act of 1947, and other exemptions.
1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 325 --- Section 1 (1037758).PDF

On September 11, 2001, members of the FBI-NK, acting upon information received from a complainant, stopped and arrested five (5) Israeli nationals purported to have witnessed the initial explosion of the World Trade Center and were seen to be celebrating the event...With the timing of the complaint sighting coupled with the joyous celebration of the individuals, members of the FBI-NK arrested the five individuals after a possible "hit" was received by a law enforcement bomb squad canine.

1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 326 --- Section 1 (1037759).PDF

"...there was a considerable criminal venture associated Urban Moving Systems. Along with the reported employees, these companies utilize Israeli nationals in the U.S. on B-2 Visas (tourist/business). This being done to willingly circumvent U.S. Labor, Tax and Immigrantion laws."

1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 337 --- Section 1 (1038683).PDF FBI interviews detained Israeli former soldier on November 16, 2001
1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 338 --- Section 1 (1037761).PDF Former Jewish Agency security guard interviewed on November 20, 2001 in conjunction with 9/11 attack. Illegal activities, visa overstay.
1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 339 --- Section 1 (1037762).PDF November 28, 2001 reports on interviews and polygraphs of Israelis detained on 9/11. "Preliminary results of the polygraph have shown [redacted] not have prior knowledge regarding the terrorist attacks on 09 11 2001. However, [redacted] showed deception when asked about [redacted].

It was evident to the interviewing agents that [redacted] had liked on two previous interviews and was withholding information during the present interview/polygraph. It is unclear to the interviewing agents as to the exact nature and reason for[redacted] deception.

1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 368 --- Section 1 (1037763).PDF

January 3, 2001 New York Polygraph Unit/A-1 "responses to relevant questions relating to the issue of Intelligence affiliation were indicative of deception."


1169683-001 --- 303A-NY-C237934-Serial 459 --- Section 1 (1037765).PDF June 4, 2002 redacted report from National Security Division
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 2 --- Section 1 (1037749).PDF Two additional detained Israelis "were associated with 5 Israeli Nationals who were being detained in the New York city area for possibly having prior knowledge of the captioned terrorist attacks." Inconclusive polygraph results.
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 3 --- Section 1 (1037750).pdf September 21, 2001 Newark Squad C-9 report on detention of two Urban Moving Systems workers.
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 10 --- Section 1 (1037752).pdf October 31, 2001 FBI report to Kansas City, Newark and New York "To summarize interviews with 7 Israeli Nationals employed by various moving companies who were detained by INS for visa violations."
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 18 --- Section 1 (1037776).pdf January 24, 2002 FBI Suspicious Activities report. " FBI Newark informed FBI Philadelphia that there were two Israelis who had been detained in York, Pennsylvania, by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for violating their Visa status. These two Israelis worked for a moving company, Urban Moving Systems in Weewauken, New Jersey. FBI Newark had detained 5 other employees of Urban Moving Systems after they were observed on September 11, 2001, on the roof of their business building in Weehauken, NJ, taking pictures of the World Trade Center attacks. One report stated that these individuals were on the roof prior to either airplane crashing into the World Trade Center towers, suggesting there may have been prior knowledge on their part. As such, they were detained by local police, and identified. They were Israeli males which were in violation of their Visa status. FBI Newark had interviewed and conducted polygraphs of these individuals..."Zoomcopter" kiosks manned by Israelis suddenly abandoned. 

"suspicious activity, and in turn, notified FBI Philadelphia. It was determined they were Israelis. After receiving this information, FBI Philadelphia inquired about the kiosks in the local malls and learned that all had been abandoned in a similar fashion that same day. Further investigation revealed that the same day, toy helicopter kiosks in malls located in Washington, D.C., Hickory, North Carolina, Arlington, Texas and in all the malls in the local Philadelphia area hadbeen abandoned within the same two hour period...It was evident that an extremely well-organized and effective communication system existed between these Israelis nationwide."

1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 33 --- Section 1 (1037754).pdf August 13, 2002 FBI report on interviews "Related to PENTBOMB" "...the Mossad may be active in the United States when a specific target or mission has been identified...the Mossad has an interest in Detroit, Michigan...Israel has an agency comparable to the FBI of the United States which is known as the Shabak/orShin Bet, the Israeli Security Service.
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 357 --- Section 1 (1037756).pdf September 21, 2001 FBI from Philadelphia on arrival dates of Israelis.
1169683-001 --- 303C-PH-C91946-Serial 357 --- Section 1 (1037756).pdf September 21, 2001 FBI report that "provides the investigative resuts and analytical findings of...investigation to date."  Redacted.
1169683-001 --- 303D-NY-C282820-Serial 221 --- Section 1 (1037768).pdf May 3, 2012 file copy of Wayne Madsen report on "The Israeli Art Students and Movers Story"

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