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Incorporation of the American Israel Education Foundation

"The Foundation will conduct and support projects consistent with AIPAC's purposes which are educational in nature and qualify under section 501(c)(3)..."


On September 29, 1988 Walter B. Slocombe, Geofrrey J. Vitt, and Eileen M. Mallon incorporated the American Israel Education Foundation in Washington, D.C. as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to "advance the purposes of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."  The board members of AIEF were Charles Schusterman, Morton Friedman, Bernard White and Harriet Zimmerman.

AIEF applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status on April 6, 1989, stating it would only solicit relatively large contributions. "At this time, it is the intent of the, officers of the corporation not to have a broad based fundraising campaign.  The minimum: contribution being requested is $50,000. Use of specialized mailings, professional-fundraisers or the formation of fundraising committees is not contemplated.. All fundraising activities will be conducted by non-paid volunteers. As of the date incorporation, commitments of $400,000 have been received from three individuals. No written materials have been prepared for use in soliciting financial support."

AIEF's application states "its fundamental purpose is to maintain and further the friendship between the U.S. and Israel and to strengthen and promote the mutual ideals and interests of both nations... The following types of specific educational activities are proposed for the future:

1. Educating students and young professionals about the Middle East.  This will be accomplished by such activities as sponsoring seminars and programs, including summer internships in Washington...2. Educating students and young professionals about leadership skills, the American political system and careers in public service.  This will be accomplished by a. conducting training seminars at college campuses and graduate schools.  b. Hiring field workers to help organize, educate and motivate students and young professionals, on a nonpartisan basis, to get involved in local and national public affairs, including nonpartisan voter registration drives. c. Conducting national training seminars in Washington about careers in public service and politics and to teach public policy advocacy..."

On August 17, 1989 the IRS granted AIEF tax exempt status including the ability to solicit and accept tax-deductible contributions.

Document/PDF Contents
AIEF.pdf Articles of incorporation, bylaws, application for tax exempt status, IRS determination letter.
12132014_AIEF_BBr3.pdf The AIEF Briefing Book for Congressional Staff - December 13-21, 2014


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