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Jewish Agency Payments to the
American Zionist Council

"Quarterly payment to [AIPAC Founder] Mr. I.L. Kenen for public relations services..."


Between January 1, 1955 through December 31, 1962 the Jewish Agency made $5,100,001.02 in payments to the American Zionist Council.  The following American Zionist Council reports to the Jewish Agency provide summarize funding spent on education, lobbying and public relations.  The Jewish Agency failed to properly itemize these payment details on its mandatory Foreign Agents Registration Act declarations to the US Department of Justice, including payment vouchers directing Jewish Agency funding to AIPAC founder Isaiah L. Kenen who was paid $5,000 each quarter for stealth "public relations services".

PDF/File Date Contents Balance
02/07/1957 Notes a "Quarterly payment to [AIPAC Founder] Mr. I.L. Kenen for public relations services" of $5,000 $119.767.91
03/05/1957 We are now confronted with the very large expenses for the Madison Square Garden rally. $121,780.40
04/10/1957 "I exhort you to do what you can as speedily as possible..." $146.155.86
05/03/1957 "I sincerely hope that the situation will warrant the production of the total due so that we may now operate on a solvent basis..."  
06/10/1957  "I sincerely hope that the balance of $115,711.78 will be substantially reduced before the next accounting comes around." $115,711.78
07/10/1957 "Extraordinary unbudgeted expenses...$5,000". $112,369,95
08/05/1957 "We are gratified that the amount is less than heretofore..." $108.419.95
09/11/1957 "I am happy to note that the amount of $89,130.76 no due, is the lowest in many months as a result of very careful control of expenditures... $89.130.76
10/03/1957 "I shall appreciate your cooperation in making available to us the full total listed above..."


11/08/1957 "Unbudgeted expenses: Extraordinary Expenses, $3,000, Council on N.E. Affairs, $4,000 $110,228.02
12/11/1957 "There is no point--I know you will agree with me--in my adding any comments......I simply am not going to pay any bills as they come due in the hope that one day I may be able to pay them before our creditors begin hounding us.." $133.032.03
01/03/1958 "Once again there really is no point in stressing the serious predicament in which we find ourselves.  I know you are in the same position.  I regret to watch the outstanding total constantly grow as a result of previous unpaid amounts."


02/06/1958 "Of course we shall appreciate the speedy completion of the payment of the total listed above." $116,000.78
03/05/1958 "Mr Bick and I have discussed the matter of the monthly accounting to you best suited to our needs..."  
04/01/1958 "Once again I wish to point out that over half of the total due the AZC on April 1, 1958 is the unpaid balance from past months...." $129,261.98
05/05/1958 The AZC cuts the "choral society" noting "This is a final payment, the arrangement having been discontinued in order to reduce costs..." $125.436.08
06/06/1958 "In submitting this accounting you will note the usual circumstances that less than one-half of the amount due us is for our regular allocation...." $126,070,88
08/18/1958 "It had been my hope, as I wrote in my memorandum dated August 6 to Jay Leshin, that the regular monthly accounting due on August 1 would be on the basis of the final budget reached at our meeting of July 18." $117.755.07
09/11/1958 "Below is the accounting regularly due on September 1..." $93.597.65
10/01/1958 "I earnestly plead that every effort be made during October to pay the total requested... $106.671.07
09/18/1958 "Instead of recapitulating the entire accounting as contained in my letter of September 11..."  
11/05/1958 "I know how serious the financial situation is, but I plead with you to make such payments to us during November as will help to eradicate constantly recurring unpaid balance."


12/05/1958 "Unbudgeted Expenses: Rabinowitz Foundation (October) $4.000 [to fund the "Council on Middle East Affairs" think tank.] Extraordinary expenses $5,000 [AIPAC founder Isaiah Kenen's quarterly payment]. $114.384.65
01/06/1959 "...the understanding was that the basic budget was set at $500,000 per annum..." Unbudgeted expenses Rabinowitz Foundation (Nov.&Dec.) $8,000, Near East Report $4,000...." $113,696.76
02/18/1959 "In the next few weeks, I assure you that our Planning Committee and I will diligently seek to review our entire operations..."  
03/11/1959 It would be a happy circumstance of the full balance noted above for the current fiscal year ending March 31, 1959 were paid to us during March..." $69.298.22
05/11/1959 "Unbudgeted Expenses: Rabinowitz Foundation: $4,000...." $59.528.46
06/02/1959 "Near East Report $5,000..." $55,668.84
07/01/1959 "Extraordinary Unbudgeted Exp. $5,000 [AIPAC]." $54.521.45
08/10/1959 "Below is our regular accounting due for the month of August..." $42.374.11
10/05/1959 "Extraordinary Unbudgeted Exp. $2,000" $58.092.79
11/05/1959 "Unbudgeted Expenses: Rabinowitz Foundation: $4,000...." $54.586.62
12/04/1959 On October 19, 1959, however, confirmed over the telephone by Mr. I. Hamlin and Mr. J. Leshin to me on November 10,1959, we had agreed on an annual budget for the American Zionist Council of $492,280 plus $87,000 for the Youth budget... $81.959.57
12/31/1959 "special services $2,500.00"



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