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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Coordinates PACS


Document Page 1.  This September 30, 1986 memo from AIPAC's deputy political director Elizabeth A. Schrayer directs her assistant to call several Israel political action committees across the United States to channel funding to AIPAC favored candidates.  The PACs, operating under nondescript names such as "Gold Coast" and "ICEPAC" along with suggested contribution amounts are handwritten on the Schrayer memo.  This internal AIPAC memo was leaked to the Washington Post and published in 1988.  During the 1986 election cycle, Israel PACS donated more than $7 million to candidates according to the Wall Street Journal.  Public revelations of AIPAC's efforts to set up and coordinate PACs touched off a decade long court battle over election law enforcement that rose to the US Supreme Court.


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